Jimmy "Duck" Holmes - "Back to Bentonia" - CD - 5th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

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The CD that started it all.  Jeff Konkel walked into the Blue Front Cafe in the fall of 2005 and asked the man behind the counter if he knew anything about the blues musicians who played the Bentonia style of Blues like Skip James or Jack Owens.  Jimmy "Duck" Holmes replied, "Yeah, Jack Owens and Henry Stuckey taught me."  Jeff soon returned with recording equipment and recorded "Back to Bentonia" and launched a new label - Broke & Hungry Records.  It was the first and arguably the best recordings ever released of Jimmy "Duck" Holmes.  We have a limited number of copies available.  For more of Broke & Hungry's many excellent recordings by Jimmy "Duck" Holmes, Pat Thomas, Terry "Harmonica" Bean, and others, visit Broke & Hungry's page on Bandcamp.