Mike Munson & Mikkel Beckmen - "LIVE AT ED'S" - CD

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Ed's bar in Winona, MN was one of those magical places that some of us are lucky enough to find.  Because the bar was an extension of its owner, the place quickly became the hub of artistic and musical talent and exploration.  Ed's became the home base for Mike Munson where his immense talent quickly developed a loyal and fervent following.  One night stood out from all the rest - the night they decided to record a live performance.  Mike's friend Mikkel Beckmen joined him on percussion and the result was "Live at Ed's". 

The CDs were sold as quickly as they were pressed and we loved it so much that to celebrate the success of Mike Munson's album "Rose Hill", which we recorded at the Blue Front Cafe in Bentonia, MS with Jimmy "Duck" Holmes, we asked Mike if we could re-release an expanded CD from that special performance.  This new version of that great live album has 5 additional songs, including Munson's beautiful version of the Bentonia classic - "Hard Time Killing Floor Blues" by Bentonia, MS legend Skip James.  

This excerpt from the liner notes written by Ed Hoffman perfectly describes the album by comparing it to one of Mike Munson's great performances at the Blue Front Cafe: 

"I watched as Mike took the floor on that rainy Mississippi night. Jimmy was unmistakably pleased with both Mike and the full house. The raucous Friday crowd focused their gaze on this visiting Minnesotan possessed by the spirit in the room. Indeed, it has been my pleasure to watch Mike grow as an artist, and to witness his submission to his passion for the Delta Blues. Through this style Mike has found his true and unique voice with an (academic and emotional) homage to its history and lineage. 

If Mike's performance at the Blue Front was a rapturous prayer at a temple of the Blues, then this album, Live at Ed's is the fervent message of a proselytizing preacher at a remote outpost on the frontier. Mike brings the sounds of Mississippi Delta Blues home for us to share in mesmerizing bliss, and just as he would have it, we leave it wanting to seek out the sacred recordings of the prophets of the style."

Track Listing: 

1.  Rattle Can Black

2.  Too Far Gone

3.  Blackbird

4.  Sad & Lonely

5.  Watch and Chain

6.  Over Now

7.  Wanda's Farm

8.  Good Gal Said

9.  Rosie

10.  Boogie (bonus)

11.  Empire Builder (bonus)

12.  Hard Time Killing Floor Blues (bonus) (Skip James)

13.  What's the Matter (bonus)

14.  Spike (bonus)